The Rodrigues Family has recorded 5 music CD’s.  Jill has written many of the songs.   Although these CD’s were not recorded in a studio, you will still receive a blessing from the words of the music and hearing the precious voices of small children praising the Name of Christ through song.  Each CD is $10 including shipping.  (US Shipping Only)

Springs of Living Water Crop

“Springs of Living Water”  ($10.00)  Recorded January 2016

Featured Songs on this CD

  1. “Springs of Living Water”
  2. Give Then all to Jesus
  3. Till the Storm Passes By
  4. It’s Not an easy Road
  5. Your First Day in heaven
  6. He’s Been Faithful
  7. Hymn Medley
  8. This Blessed Old Book
  9. Look and Live
  10. As the Deer
  11. I’ll Never Fully Know
  12. I Have Decided to Follow Jesus
  13. Nothing But the Blood of Jesus
  14. The Judgement Seat

a-Stay Your Course Cover 1  jpeg“Stay Your Course($10.00) Recorded – January 2014

Featured Songs on this CD:

1.”It is the Son of God”  (written by Jill Rodrigues)
2.”Jesus, What a Friend for Sinners”
3.”Onward Christian Soldiers”
4.”I’m On the Winning Side”
5.”I’d Rather Have Jesus”
6.”I’ll Fly Away”
7.”Please Take Time”
8.”God’s Word Will Save”   (written by Jill Rodrigues)
9.”It is Well With My Soul” & “Rise Again”
10.”Christian Cowboy”
11.”Master of the Wind”
12.”The Son Shone Again”  (written by Jill Rodrigues)


a-Jesus is Alive CD Insert 1 (2-03-12)  jpeg

Jesus Is Alive ($10.00)      Recorded – December 2010

Featured Songs on this CD:
1.”Jesus is Alive”  (written by Jill Rodrigues)
2.”Make Me a Vessel to Glorify my King”  (written by Jill Rodrigues)
3.”I’ll Fly Away on the Wings of Prayer”
4.”Mother’s Song”   (written by Jill Rodrigues)
5.”The Precious Old Bible”
6.”Jesus is My Sunshine”
7.”Hallelujah, He’s Coming Again”
8.”Praise Him, Praise Him” & “My Jesus I Love Thee”
9.”Father’s Song”  (written by Jill Rodrigues)
10.”Give Me That, Old Holy Bible”  (words written by Jill Rodrigues)
11.”A Little Seed was Planted”  (written by Jill Rodrigues)

a-Rodrigues Family Cover1  jpeg“Rodrigues Family – This Is Our Story, This Is Our Song” ($10.00)
Recorded – 2004 thru 2008

Featured Songs on this CD:
1.”Blessed Assurance”
2.”Consent Thou Not! – Scripture Song”
3.”In All Thy Ways – Scripture Song”
4.”It’s Still The Cross”
5.”Amazing Grace”
6.”The Old Account”
7.”The Judgement”
8.”Psalm 25:1,2,&3 – Scripture Song”
9.”Hallelujah Square”
10.”The Son Arose”
11.”Oh, Holy Night”
12.”Children’s Medley”
13.”Patriotic Medley”
14.”The Haven of Rest”
15.”Wore Out”
16.”Master of the Wind”
17.”Hymn Medley”
18.”Grandma, How We Will Miss You So!”  (written by Jill Rodrigues)

Many of these songs are available for immediate download here.

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