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The video below is filled with little glimpses into the life and travels of the Rodrigues Family in the year of 2016!  We hope you enjoy it. 

Enjoy a glimpse into David and Jill’s Past!!  The below video is of their wedding day October 4, 1997.  They also shared their very FIRST KISS on this special day!! (Published in Dec. 2016)

Below is a LOVE story of the last 19 Years of David and Jill’s marriage!  Please watch and be blessed and inspired to fight for the cause of your marriage!!  (Oct. 2016)

Enjoy this slideshow of Kevin & Amy Foster’s Courtship in honor of their 11th Anniversary this May 14, 2016.  Kevin & Amy are the ones singing the song and Amy is the one playing the harmonica.  (May 13, 2016)

The entire Rodrigues Family talks about why and how they HOME SCHOOL and shows you a glimpse into their home school day!!  (May 11, 2016)

Overcoming Bitterness by Jill Rodrigues – Ladies Mtg. – May 7,2016.  I hope this video encourages and inspires my sisters in Christ to serve Jesus……..including forgiving those that have wronged us.

How does the Rodrigues Household make it all happen when getting ready for Church?  Watch this video to find out!!  (Feb. 2016)

Rodrigues Family Singing at Pastor Jenkins’ Church (Oct. 2015) Posted in – Feb. 2016

This is the Rodrigues Family’s New Video on their DVD presentation of their ministry.  –  January 2016

Watch the Rodrigues Children sing and talk with you on this You Tube video.  (Dec. 2015)

Tour with the Rodrigues Family through their NEW HOME!!!  (Dec. 2015)

3rd Video about Amy Foster (Jill’s Sister) (Nov. 2015)

Rodrigues Family Update and Singing – October 2015

Jill Rodrigues on Makeup, Hair & Dress ~ August 13, 2015.

Rodrigues Family’s 12th Baby is Born ~ Sofia Amy Julianne ~ on July 15, 2015!!!

2nd Video on the Amy Foster (Jill’s Sister) Story – June 2015

Rodrigues’ Baby Gender Reveal Party – April 2015

1st Video on the Amy Foster (Jill’s Sister) Story – April 2015

Rodrigues Children’s Questions & Answers – 2/17/2015

Rodrigues Family Beach & Coconut Experience in Southern Florida – 2/17/2015

Rodrigues Family Singing “Happy Birthday Jesus” – 1/3/2015

Rodrigues Family Singing “Give Them All to Jesus” – 12/15/2014

Rodrigues Family Singing at Maranatha Baptist Church – 12/4/2014

Rodrigues 12th Baby Pregnancy Reveal – 12/3/2014

Defending the Duggars – 12/3/2014

Grandpa Lupole’s (Jill’s Grandfather) Tribute – 5/19/2014

Rodrigues Family Singing  – 3/18/2014

This video was taken at “Youth Ablaze” in Chili, NY in Feb. of 2012.  We hope you get a blessing from it, because……………..JESUS IS ALIVE!!

Small Rodrigues Children singing the “Father’s Song” (written by Jill Rodrigues) – July 2009

Small Rodrigues Children singing – Dec. 2008

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