More Information on Ladies Retreat! Only 2 weeks before registration closes! (Also a quick peek at how the Rodrigues Family is doing)!

Are YOU considering coming to the PEACE Ladies Retreat on October 20 – 21, 2017 here in Roanoke, WV?!!  We’d LOVE to have you!  Read ALL the info. you need to know below by clicking on the links!

**Quick PEEK into the Rodrigues Family’s Lives!!

  1. We have been SUPER busy in our printing ministry and extensive traveling as we continue to sing as a family and present our printing ministry.  David continues to get more and more orders in our print shop!  Hey, what can I say….when a man puts out SUCH amazing quality stuff (like my husband does) his ministry is BOUND to grow in LEAPS and BOUNDS!  God is good!
  2. Nurie graduated from highschool / homeschool this past June.  I cried and it was HONESTLY one of the HAPPIEST days of our lives.  It was SUCH a joy seeing her walking the isle in cap and gown with over 200 other homeschool students!  We love You, honey!

    Our beautiful (inside and out) Nurie

    Our beautiful (inside and out) Nurie









3. We are currently on a one month tour – going to Kentucky, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, North Dakota, and Arkansas.  We LOVE all the new friends we make in our meetings and it is TRULY a joy serving Jesus!  However, we always look forward to home – there is NO place like home…

God bless you one and all!

Much Care and Staying Our Course For Jesus, The Rodrigues Family

*****Make SURE to check out the Ladies Retreat UPDATED info below!***  Registration ends August 17th… you don’t have much time!  Call to register at – (304) 303-8056

Click on the links below to see DETAILED retreat pricing and PICTURES of the speakers!!!

  1. Retreat Pricing
  2. Retreat Pictures of speakers

    Details on the Retreat!

    Details on the Retreat!

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