Bring Back the Salt!! (Feb. 2017)

(Please read the following article – remembering that there are varying controversies on whether or not the facts of Target & Starbucks are accurate.  We have had personal friends testify that they ARE true, however, others have said otherwise.  This we DO know – that these two establishments actively support the Gay and Lesbian movement and also the transgender bathroom act.  This – in of itself – is enough to keep us away from these stores.)

Did you all recently hear the BAD news that the store – TARGET- decided to STOP selling Bibles?? 🙁 Also, did you hear that the coffee shop – STARBUCKS – decided to put pictures of President Trump on their floors for people to “walk on” in disrespect?!! We are GRIEVED at the state of many wicked people in this nation. If you are reading this, we strongly encourage you to NOT give these places of business YOUR business. They openly support the gay movement. No wonder they don’t want Bibles on their shelves – it CLEARLY states in them that sodomy is WRONG!!

We recently have had some scary things happen to us as we continue to take a strong stand for Christ and the truths in His Word. Are we perfect?? NO! So far from it. However, when all you do is simply state TRUTH from God’s Word, people shout out and accuse you of the following – “Holier than thou, Self Righteous, Prideful, Not loving and gracious, etc. etc.” It amazes us how simple TRUTH from God’s Word is met with MUCH RESISTANCE from Christians themselves. So Sad! No wonder revival seems a dim hope of ever happening. 🙁

What scary things have happened?? Well, on Facebook and Twitter, we have actually had death threats against us, we have had a live sex scene video sent to us, (BEWARE when opening a video if you don’t know what it is!!), we have had nude, teen girl site sent to us, etc. We GASP in dismay and quickly BLOCK and REPORT these people! We put safeguards up and our children do NOT have their own phones…until it is necessary for them to have them when they get older. Parents, PROTECT your children! STAND for Right! Shout it from the roof-tops! Do you want a country that continues to preserve our freedoms?? It starts with the Christians. Are you willing to take IMMENSE criticism for your stand for righteousness? You should be! ****Remember the Scriptures that state – 2Ti 3:12 “Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.”

In comparison to persecuted Christians in other countries, we have it SO good here in America. However, when we don’t suffer some form of persecution, we should question whether or not we are TRULY living godly? Living godly convicts others of their apathy and perhaps sin in their own lives. Hence, you WILL suffer their disdain.

You know, as we travel, we go from church to church and sit under many revival services and hear of the LONGED for hope of REVIVAL in this sinful world. Yet, we turn a blind eye to the sin in our own lives. Christian women dress no better than whores did 75 years ago. Men aren’t men in their homes anymore. Women don’t submit to their husbands anymore. We watch FILTH on the TV screen day after day. We don’t take a stand on the preserved Word of God – the KJV 1611. We drink alcohol and ignorantly argue that – Jesus turned water into wine! We complain that some transgender men are starting to dress like women, YET….ladies started dressing like men (wearing pants) close to 100 years ago. We listen to music that is NOT God honoring. We view children as a burden and take the decision of how many we will have RIGHT out of the hands of God. We have a WEAK faith that God will provide our every need. And, the list goes on.

Are we about LOVE and CHARITY? YES!! We love on people and even have some close friends that do not see eye to eye with us on every issue. Charity is very important as the Word of God also states- 1Co 13:1 ¶ Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal.

Showing the LOVE of Christ to others is CRUCIAL! Having a non-judgmental spirit towards others is CRUCIAL! NOT having a legalistic spirit about you, is CRUCIAL!

God has given us liberty in choosing how each of us will live our lives for Him. HOWEVER, stating TRUTH in love, is also JUST AS CRUCIAL. We have become sissies when it comes to stating truth from God’s Word! We fear man, rather than God! Pr 29:25 ¶ The fear of man bringeth a snare: but whoso putteth his trust in the LORD shall be safe.

Being a Christian is not all about rules and what we cannot do. However, if we follow God’s guidelines, written clearly in His Word- We can ASSURE you, you will be GLAD 🙂 you did when kneeling before Him someday! It is a life of TRUE joy and peace.

As John R. Rice stated once – “Do right til the stars fall!!!”

Let’s bring back some SALTY Christians to this great Nation and God bless America!!

-The Rodrigues Family <3 <3

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