Back from Africa; Rodrigues Baby #13 had “in utero” stroke; Travels to Florida

Dear Followers,    Thank you very much for caring about our family.  Recently, we changed our FB privacy settings to “friends only” so that we can get to know the people that follow us a bit more.  So, if you are in that category where you are no longer able to see our FB posts, please feel free to come here to our blog to see updates on our family……smile.

Our family is doing GREAT and the reunion of David and Nurie getting back from Africa was VERY sweet!  They had a GREAT time in Africa and here are some more pictures from their “opportunity of a lifetime”  Missions’ Trip.

Nurie was so thrilled to go on this Mission's Trip.  She loved the people there.

Nurie was so thrilled to go on this Mission’s Trip. She loved the people there.

David led a lady to the Lord!  Hallelujah!

David led a lady to the Lord! Hallelujah!

David led a lady to the Lord!  Hallelujah!

David sharing the Gospel.

Door knocking.

Door knocking.



Baboons freely run the streets.

Baboons freely run the streets.



This SAD picture reminds me that Satan is like a ROARING lion, seeking whom he may devour! How many of us have been ATTACKED slyly by Satan and our spiritual life and effectiveness for Christ has been "killed"!? :( Stand TALL, Christian, and hold the flag of righteousness HIGH! Satan would love NOTHING better than to attack you, but be on guard and put on the WHOLE armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the Devil! <3

This SAD picture reminds me that Satan is like a ROARING lion, seeking whom he may devour! How many of us have been ATTACKED slyly by Satan and our spiritual life and effectiveness for Christ has been “killed”!? 🙁 Stand TALL, Christian, and hold the flag of righteousness HIGH! Satan would love NOTHING better than to attack you, but be on guard and put on the WHOLE armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the Devil! <3

Female lion hiding in the bush.

Female lion hiding in the bush.

Walking to a village.

Walking to a village.

In the safari.  They came very close to lions.  Scary!

In the safari. They came very close to lions. Scary!



In front of the Botswana Flag.

In front of the Botswana Flag.

Nurie sitting on a termite mound.  YIKES!

Nurie sitting on a termite mound. YIKES!

Nurie and Jasmine.  The African children LOVED to play with their hair.

Nurie and Jasmine. The African children LOVED to play with their hair.

Below is a post I posted on Facebook after David and Nurie returned home.  I was SO thrilled to have them back!………

(((What can I say other than life is MUCH sweeter with my hubby home! I am a pretty tough gal that is not afraid of hard work and parenting alone while my husband went to serve Jesus in Africa. But I tell you, the MOMENT he walked out the door, it seemed there was ONE trial right after the next!

The spiritual warfare felt SO intense and thick, it seemed sometimes it could be sliced through. I would try my best to plaster a loving smile on my face until I had wished each child a goodnight, then shut my bedroom door and breathe a prayer of “HELP” to God.

My children were WONDERFUL the entire 2 weeks and honestly did / do nothing but BLESS my heart OVER and OVER! But bearing the weight of the spiritual (and physical) attacks alone sometimes had be gasping for strength to meet another day.

Getting stuck in the ice and snow with our van twice, a rushed trip to the hospital for stitches from opening a green bean can, and MANY spiritual attacks were what brought on the onslaught of exhaustion.

We (unfortunately) live in a world that calls evil good and good evil. The very picture of what our family stands for (truth and righteousness) many times brings on hate and false accusations.

It is then that I am reminded that we are TRULY in a battle – we are in the LORD’S army! Sadly though, many times we choose to stand WAY in the back of the heat of the war and let others fight the battle for us. It is MUCH more comfortable to drop our armour, and blend in (as you will) to avoid the vicious attacks from Satan and his followers. Remember that Satan is as a roaring lion seeking whom He may devour! SCARY!

It is MUCH easier to cry “RETREAT” than to actually cry out “ADVANCE and HOLD THE LINE!!!” It is good to ask ourselves now and then if we are PATRIOTS in the Lord’s army. When all else are running from the heat of the battle, will YOU take a stand and grab the flag of righteousness and LIFT IT HIGH?!!

Spread the Gospel of that good old redeeming grace of Jesus! Aaah, yes though, let us not forget that to be a warrior for Christ, it entails more than just spreading the Gospel. It asks for us to be disciplined and ready soldiers for His tasks at hand. Anyone can be saved, but to be a Christian (Christ Like) it requires a different level of commitment. Let us plunge in with EVERYTHING we have to be warriors for Christ! Study God’s Word for direction in every area of life.

We (the Rodrigues Family) fail and are NOTHING without Jesus…..and we mean that! However, the Bible tells us to set our light upon a hill and let it shine. Why? So that WE shine? Absolutely not! But rather so that HE (God) can be glorified through it all.

All that to say, life is sweeter now that I have my husband, mate and spiritual leader back by my side! We enjoyed a SWEET, tearful reunion when they got home late last night. We enjoyed looking at the souvenirs they brought home, had yummy snacks as a family; and then retired to blissful bed.

After my exhausted, jet-lagged husband fell into a peaceful sleep, I laid in bed last night looking at him sleeping and I THANKED and THANKED God for a godly man to walk along side me in this race of life! I felt safer. I felt happier. I felt SO thankful. I leaned over and gently kissed him – once, then twice, then three times. He sweetly grunted and continued sleeping. I looked toward Heaven and thanked God from the depths of my heart for bringing them safely home to me! I also thanked God for my precious family He has blessed me with! I thanked Him for His MANY blessings in my life – for which I am so unworthy!   20863582_1925064141065263_8784146659669290660_o

Hold your family closer. Hug them more often. Treat them kindly. Overlook petty irritations. EMBRACE this journey of life. Embrace it for CHRIST! No, it won’t be easy if you choose the path of godly living. Many will deem you as “holier than thou”. Many will deem you as “fanatics”. Many will deem you as “goody two-shoes”. Our goal should NEVER to have the spirit of the pharisees that held our heads high, stooped in our own self-righteosness.

Yes, we should always treat everyone (of every race, breed, and culture) kindly and with the loving Spirit of Christ.  HOWEVER, sometimes it is these “labels” mentioned above that breed fear in us to truly live a righteous life. Again, we do it NOT for the glory of ourselves, but for CHRIST! Remember, the Scripture says that ALL those that live GODLY in Christ Jesus, SHALL suffer persecution. Do we blend in, or do we get in the heat of the battle to make a difference for Christ and the furtherance of HIS kingdom?!!

Ultimately, our FINAL goal in life should be the thought of bowing before God someday. Will He find us faithful? Will He find us to have lived a life that pleased Him and did NOT blaspheme His holy Name?

Oh, thank Him for His mercies. They are NEW every morning, GREAT is THY faithfulness!

Welcome home, dearest, strong husband and beautiful, sweet daughter! I love my family more than life or words can ever say! I love serving them, cooking for them, hugging them, schooling them, laughing with them, planning parties for them, and embracing the title of “WIFE” and “MOTHER”.

JillDear Christian friend, I hope this encourages you to run your race well, for even when our flesh is weary, it is THEN that HE shows Himself strong and mighty in our lives.  For the Glory of a MIGHTY God – the ONLY One worthy of Praise, Jill )))



**Baby NEWS! **    23275616_1956838121221198_613598313808873758_oMany of you know that we have had concerns with this pregnancy and baby.  We have gone for several sonograms and gone to a specialist to make sure our baby girl gets the BEST care possible.  This was our latest report on how our baby is doing………

**Today the appointment for our baby girl went well. Basically, it appears she had an in utero stroke. It was earlier on in her development and there really is no explanation for why. It nags at me that perhaps I did something wrong?? But no, I treated her (and this pregnancy) like any other and the doctor assured me that it was nothing I did. God knows why and we trust HIM for healing and direction through this difficult process of the unknowns.

The area of damage to her brain does NOT appear to have grown – THANK GOD! I can have her naturally, but have to have a team of specialists there for right after she is born to make sure she knows how to breathe on her own, nurse, swallow, etc.

Your continued prayers are SO appreciated!

God is STILL in the miracle working business!  


We are excited to hit the warm State of Florida with some meetings we have for singing, Revival Services, presenting our ministry, Mission’s Conferences, etc.  It is a blessing to see LOTS of friends and serve the Lord together as a family!  The children can’t wait for a fun day at the beach and quality family time!  God is SO good to us to give us SO many aspects of our ministry!

We hope this post finds each of you well!  God bless each of you!

Serving Jesus With Joy,  The Rodrigues Family  IMG_0361


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Trip to AFRICA! Another BABY?! And, MUCH more!

Dear Readers,

1)The past month has been SUPER busy! We LOVED the different ways we were able to spread Christmas cheer through Christmas parties, caroling in the neighborhood and caroling to the children and folks in the hospital along with giving them all Gospel Tracts and little gifts in the process.  Our prayer is that during that MOST wonderful time of the year, we were able to TRULY spread HOPE – through the glorious message of the Gospel!!  We hope you all had a GREAT Christmas and are looking forward to this NEW YEAR with great anticipation!  We know that the time is SHORT before the trump will sound and our Lord will catch his bride away to Heaven!  So, our prayer is that we will continue to spread the glorious Gospel, contend for our faith, stand firm on our Biblical convictions, and cling to the OLD PATHS – Jeremiah 6:16 Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein.”

Rodrigues Family at Christmas time.

Rodrigues Family at Christmas time.

2) We love you all and pray for you.  We thank you for your support and below you will find our latest Prayer Letter and Precious Moments.  Hope it is a blessing to you. (Click on the link directly below to read the prayer letter and precious moments.)

December 2017, January and February 2018 Prayer Letter – Precious moments

3) Another baby on the way??  Yes, my precious sister Angie Hillegass is due for her 8th baby in August 2018!  We are THRILLED and that will soon (after she and I give birth to both of our babies) make a GRAND total of 32 GRANDBABIES for my wonderful parents!  17553997_1860590417512636_309620924474972549_n22339465_1944860695752274_2969122873517020413_o
















4) Our family has stayed VERY busy this month with normal duties such as the children’s school, chores, cooking / meals, work in the print shop, Jill volunteering at the Pregnancy Center, etc.  We are HONORED that our printing ministry has continued to grow.  Below is a family project of us putting together “Yellow Smiley” Tracts. 26731145_1983864978518512_3908070179998942063_n26239543_1983864838518526_720821354340382559_n26219916_1983865005185176_1013375147104429214_n 26229598_1983864925185184_3795389854690822363_n
















5) David and Nurie are on a Mission’s Trip right now to AFRICA!  It was Nurie’s hope and prayer to go on a Mission’s Trip before she married someday.  She worked hard to raise her own money for the trip and God provided through various ways for David to raise his own money to go.  David met some GREAT missionaries (the Haleys) to Botswana, Africa and felt called to go there for the trip.  Nurie has looked forward to this for quite some time and is THRILLED to be serving in this capacity.  She strives to stay busy in the work of the Lord while she waits for God to bring His perfect mate to her someday.  While in Africa, they are planning to do a LOT of door knocking and soul winning while there.

Nurie went on the MIssion's Trip with her LIFETIME friend - Jasmine.

Nurie went on the Mission’s Trip with her LIFETIME friend – Jasmine.

Such sweet girls!

Such sweet girls!

Bye.  God bless your trip!

Bye. God bless your trip!

It was SO hard to say goodbye!

It was SO hard to say goodbye!

At the airport.

At the airport.

Leaving from the JFK airport.

Leaving from the JFK airport.

YEAH!  They arrived safely!

YEAH! They arrived safely!

In Africa!  There is a baboon sitting under this tree.

In Africa! There is a baboon sitting under this tree.

Team at work!

Team at work!     

Putting Church labels on John and Romans.

Putting Church labels on John and Romans.



























































We pray that you have a blessed new 2018!

With DEEP Care,   The Rodrigues Family  (Jan. 2018)

















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Jill will be speaking at a Ladies’ Retreat in Sugarcreek, Ohio! Mark your calendars!

Dear Readers,

What LADIES would be interested in going to a LADIES’ RETREAT this coming March 2nd & 3rd, 2018?  It is hosted by Mrs. Judy Edmonds and I (Jill Rodrigues) will be speaking (along with 2 other guest speakers). I’d love to have you come along!  Below is the info, but please let me know if you have any questions for me!  Cut off date for registration, is January 15, 2018. It is located at the BEAUTIFUL Carlisle Inn Resort in Sugar Creek, Ohio.  God bless you all and see photos below for more info!

With Loads of Care,  Jill Rodrigues24312717_1968567693381574_7834694545879212717_n24900039_1968567676714909_4160857387230958259_n24862194_1968566600048350_1646039595439803610_n24774680_1968566616715015_2620247884643223494_n

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30 Children! Thanksgiving! 3 Deer!

Hello to all!  This past Fall has been busy for us!  We hope you all enjoyed a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  We had my (Jill’s) entire family (excluding my nephew who is in the military) come for a FEAST at Thanksgiving!  It was a joyous day and the first time we have ALL been together since Amy’s car accident.  It was indeed a SPECIAL day!  Enjoy the pics below of our day.

30 Grandchildren from only 4 (Noyes) sisters and their beloved husbands!  We are SO blessed!

30 Grandchildren from only 4 (Noyes) sisters and their beloved husbands! We are SO blessed!

Entire family.  The flag represents the OLDEST grandchild who is missing due to being in the military.

Entire family. The flag represents the OLDEST grandchild who is missing due to being in the military.

Lots of yummy food!

Lots of yummy food!


Also, we were so blessed that David and Timothy got to go deer hunting this fall and got 3 deer!  It is a blessing having all that organic venison stocked in our freezer!  Ymm!23755382_1961472274091116_5311175283758570553_n23511280_1957624661142544_9097088359422308321_o








23334064_1957088174529526_5079534257507447537_oWe have been staying busy in the print shop, ministry obligations, and serving our family and Lord.  It is an HONOR to follow Christ in all we do!

We hope you are all looking forward to this Christmas Season!  Tis the Season to be JOLLY and It’s the MOST WONDERFUL time of the year!  Stay tuned for more Rodrigues updates in the near future.  God bless you all!      Sincerely, The Rodrigues Family

Fireplace mantle

Fireplace mantle



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Rodrigues Wedding! Baby #13 is a GIRL!!

22339465_1944860695752274_2969122873517020413_o 21543807_1933289180242759_8168586419477893909_o


David and Jill hit their 20th Wedding Anniversary and decided to do a SPECIAL renewal of their vows.  Please feel free to click on this YouTube video link below to watch this memorable day and to see LOTS of lovely photos from the day!

Also, YES – we found out just a couple of days ago that our baby is ANOTHER GIRL!

We were hoping for a boy, but we are TRULY in love with precious little girl already!


So, this will make 9 girls and 4 boys for the Rodrigues Family so far.  God is SO good to us!  We did a fun baby gender reveal to our children with a box and pink helium balloons.  Then, we (as a family) voted on a new name for our precious new baby girl.  We look forward to April!

Thank you all for your love and support to our family.  God is SO good to us all!  God bless you all and enjoy this beautiful fall weather!


P.S. We are THRILLED to announce that my sister (Amy Foster) and her husband and six children are successfully moved to West Virginia now!!  We are THRILLED to have them close by!  Last Sunday, they came over for a nice dinner and went to church with us in the evening.  Although life is much harder for them with Amy a quadriplegic now, we are thankful that they have a BEAUTIFUL home with the entire house on ONE level so Amy can roll around in every room.  They are as happy as they can be in this old, sin-cursed world.  We rejoice at God’s Goodness in every way.

With Love to You All,  The Rodrigues Family

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Jill’s PERSONAL exciting news AND all about the last 3 churches we have visited- including the Duggar’s Church 2 weeks ago!

I (Jill) have VERY exciting news to announce!  I am passionate about a health and wellness company called – Plexus!  I have been with them a little over a year now and hit the first rank (Silver) within the first 2 weeks.  Well, about a year later, I am THRILLED to announce that I have hit the NEXT rank called – GOLD!  I am SOOO excited and have worked tirelessly to make this happen!  Thank you also to the INCREDIBLE team that I have under me that helped me make this happen!  Also a HUGE thank you to my faithful, supportive upline – Betsy Caitlin – who has been there for me every step of the way!

Friends, are you looking to get healthy and help some of your nagging health problems?!  Perhaps Plexus could be that answer to prayer for you!  These are AMAZING all natural products that I just LOVE!  They have helped me in too many ways to count!

Secondly, Are you looking for an incredible way to earn money from home?  I am telling you, Plexus is SO generous with their compensation plan and you DON’t want to miss this chance of a lifetime!  What can I say??  Only in America do we have these AMAZING opportunities to succeed!  I am blessed beyond measure and I would LOVE it if you would join me in this journey!  Please message me for details!  -Jill  (304) 303-805620800367_1925091171062560_3980675109416979736_n21122434_10214475806675381_1915641640772155338_o















We have stayed VERY busy in our travels and I am SO excited to be expecting baby #13!!  My sickness is coming on stronger every day, for which I am SUPER grateful!  It shows to me that it is a healthy pregnancy!!  I have had a couple of scares, but my family’s undying faith that this baby will be FINE really blesses my heart.  My son Timothy wants to leave for Bible college next summer after he graduates from high school.  He has been specifically praying that God would bless us with another baby (especially boy – if God wills it) BEFORE he moved from our home.  I am ECSTATIC that God has answered his prayer!!  Please continue to keep this precious baby (who is already SOOO loved by our family) in prayer for safe keeping in my womb.20882813_1926564130915264_3452546817301679254_n

2 weeks ago we visited the Duggar’s church – Lighthouse Baptist Church – with Pastor Caldwell and precious church family.  We sang and presented our ministry there.  It was our second time there, and we ABSOLUTELY LOVE what that church stands for!!  Pastor Caldwell preached a sermon on modest dress for ladies, and it blessed our hearts OVER and OVER again!  They are SO like-minded with our family!  We have not heard that good  a message on those issues in a long time!  Thank you, Pastor Caldwell, for your stand for righteousness, NO MATTER the criticism you may get for your righteous, Biblical stand!!  You inspired our family!!  Below are some of our pictures from when visiting there.  It was a precious, special day and we enjoyed a quiet dinner afterward with the Duggars at their lovely, hospitable home.  We thank GOD for the TRUE friends we find in our travels!!

Jill with SWEET Mrs. Caldwell

Jill with SWEET Mrs. Caldwell

Kaylee with Kendra Caldwell

Kaylee with Kendra Caldwell

Pastor Caldwell to the left

Pastor Caldwell to the left

Renee with Lauren Caldwell

Renee with Lauren Caldwell

Tessie with Josie

Tessie with Josie

Michelle - ALWAYS a sweet, hard-working servant!!

Michelle – ALWAYS a sweet, hard-working servant!!

With a DEAR Friend of the Duggars - Mrs. Wilson.

With a DEAR Friend of the Duggars – Mrs. Wilson.

We just LOVE Jana and her sweet, content spirit. She inspires (we are sure) millions!

We just LOVE Jana and her sweet, content spirit. She inspires (we are sure) millions!

Last Sunday, we were back at our home church in WV.  Here is their website.  We are SO thankful for our home church!

This weekend we are at Bible Baptist Church in Moorehead, Kentucky with Pastor Jack Tackett for their Mission’s Conference.  David has preached every service and our family has sang at every service.  It is an HONOR serving Jesus!  Thank you for your prayers for our family as we serve Him!  It is our honor and joy!  20993962_1928191287419215_9160005288909612171_n21034286_1928191274085883_525167925607604857_n

Because of Calvary,  The Rodrigues Family

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Rodrigues Baby #13 On the Way!! LAST DAY to register for Ladies Retreat!

Today (August 17) is the LAST day of registration for the Joyful Sisters “Peace” Ladies’ Retreat!  You can call all the way up to 12 am tonight to register!  (304) 303-8056  ***We want you there, so PLEASE call! Thank you!

Sincerely, Jill Rodrigues, Amy Foster, and Angie Hillegass20863296_1925023707735973_6228227736745063717_o

Also, David and I are THRILLED beyond words that God has chosen to open my womb again and give us our 13th child (really 18th child due to me having 5 hard miscarriages). Is it easy raising so many children? NO….not easy- but VERY rewarding! When I saw the pregnancy test read “positive”, I looked toward Heaven and said “Thank You” to God TONS of times.

God’s Word tells us that children are an heritage of the Lord and the fruit of the womb is HIS reward. <3. Why would we EVER want to turn away a precious gift from God?

Honestly, I wish you could have seen our children’s reaction to the news. <3 There was screaming for joy, jumping, laughter and smiles! When we tell our children that we are expecting another sibling, it is LITERALLY the HAPPIEST time I almost EVER witness in our home!

Why? Doesn’t it mean one less “chicken leg” for them to eat? Perhaps one less frivoulous item that we can’t afford to buy for them? A Mama who will need lots of extra help during the “sick” months of my pregnancy? Yes…all of the above. But, if that is our focus in life…..a temporal moment of satisfaction, then I have failed in raising up a generation that focuses on the eternal. Another SOUL to raise up for the GLORY of God, is SO TOTALLY eternal!

I don’t FORCE an excited response from my children. It just naturally bubbles up out of their unspoiled, joyful souls! They can’t WAIT to hold this baby already! Olivia and Sadie were battling over who got to “feel” my tummy next! I told them all they are feeling right now is my fat. LOL. But, they are SURE it MUST be the baby! <3

I told David by saying, “Are you ready for baby #13?” He HONESTLY is the BEST man in the world! He looked at my face with SUCH joy and then hugged me with passion and tenderness! Does it mean more pressure on him to make sure he provides well. YES! But, He is a man of GREAT and RARE faith! He knows that we serve a BIG God that will never leave us begging bread! “David, I love you to the moon and back again!” <3 You are a RARE GEM! Thank you for trusting God and for always taking good care of me and the children! <3

I walk around on CLOUD NINE…..knowing that there is a little treasure floating around and growing inside of me! The MIRACLE of life NEVER ceases to amaze me… matter how many times I go through it! <3

I just want to take a moment to brag on my God!
*HE IS MY GOD!! Hallelujah! What a Saviour!

Raising Up a Generation For HIS Glory,
Jill Rodrigues. (& Family)  20863582_1925064141065263_8784146659669290660_o

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Busy, Busy! REGISTRATION for Ladies MTG closes in 5 days! Visiting the Duggars. Etc.

Hello, friends!  We are going to try and start to do weekly updates on our family, time permitting.  This past month has been SO busy as we have been on the road for a month now and when we get home, we will only be home for 6 days.  Due to my parents getting their new home built down the road from us, they are staying in our house right now.  So, when we get home, we will probably continue to let them stay in our home so they do not have to uproot to the RV for only 6 days.  It will still be nice to be home though for a few days.

It is good that we are headed home though because my husband has LOADS of work to get caught up on in the print shop.  God continues to grow our printing ministry and on this trip, we got another financial supporter!  So, now we are down to needing 9 churches to take us on for support to get to our goal. Praise the Lord!!

We are thankful for this last trip……which is not over quite yet.  We were able to accomplish a LOT and visit a LOT of churches.  We traveled to the states of Kentucky, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, and Arkansas.  We were able to minister to others on this trip and also work at Preach Evangelistic Ministries in Missouri for a few days.  Below is a picture of my husband and boys working there. 20728182_1922603501311327_9070855623677955135_n20663964_1922603561311321_7962198539021202507_n









I am only enclosing a FEW of the pictures of our trip to save space and time.  We are excited to be presenting our ministry at the Duggar’s church (Lighthouse Baptist Church) tomorrow……that is what brought us to Arkansas.  We are SO thankful for the Duggar’s hospitality to our family over the course of the last couple of days in allowing our family to park in their driveway.  We had a TON of laundry to get caught up and the Duggars were gracious in allowing us to use their 4 washers and dryers!  When I say this, I do NOT say it lightly….the Duggars are the NICEST, most sincere people you will ever meet!  I get tired of all the hate and vicious lies spread about them.  Michelle is the most WELCOMING, kind, loving lady I have ever met.  She is FOR REAL!!  Her and her husband have done a GREAT job in raising up wonderful children that respectfully answer with – YES SIR and YES MA’AM!  They constantly open up their lovely home in generous hospitality!  We have not taken pictures while here to respect their privacy, however, here is a “picture of excitement” as we drove into their driveway.

Duggar Home

Duggar Home





Okay, so are YOU considering coming to the Ladies Retreat in October?  If so, REGISTRATION CLOSES August 17th!!  You only have a FEW DAYS LEFT to register!  Please call TODAY to get your room reserved!!  Here are a couple of flyers below telling more about it and what number to call to register!!20748177_1922090444695966_2053364538500457007_o20615970_1920533048185039_6763332668398320089_o

God is SO good to us in allowing us to enjoy family moments as we travel.  We have visited the “ARK ENCOUNTER” , Mall of America, 2 different Bible Colleges we were checking out for Timothy, enjoyed the lakes in Minnesota at 2 different VERY hospitable people’s homes that lived RIGHT on the beautiful lakes, etc. etc.  We work, but then, God gives us a day off (now and then) to just enjoy His creation and each other.

Lady made of Legos

Lady made of Legos

In Mall of America

In Mall of America

It was Samuel's week. So, he (and he picked Gabriel) went on a ride! Fun!

It was Samuel’s week. So, he (and he picked Gabriel) went on a ride! Fun!

Mall of America sure was fun!

Mall of America sure was fun!

















I am continuing on strong in my Plexus business!  I hope you take a moment to read my testimony below of how that is going.

*** I (with a passion) am looking for 3 (or more) stay at home Moms that have always wanted a successful business from home! 🙂 Ladies, I am a cosmetologist and have done hair from home for years. However, this new business endeavor of mine has far surpassed my success as a hairstylist!

It makes me feel good knowing I am home, cleaning, cooking, taking care of my babies, homeschooling, etc……..YET, still running a successful business from home. Does it take work, yes…but the rewards FAR outweigh the work involved. 🙂

It blesses my heart to be a blessing to my husband. For nearly 20 years now, my husband has worked his tail off so I could stay home. Was it easy? Never! But he’d work 2 jobs…..or whatever it took, to keep me home to raise up a godly generation for Christ. <3

All that to say, it feels good to me to give back a little! “We need gas? Yeah! I just got paid! Here is $100 for gas, Babe!” He then looks at me with admiration on his face. “If ANYONE can be successful at this business, it’s YOU, Babe,” he glowingly responds to me. 🙂

My goal is to be that Proverbs 31 woman. If you read that chapter, it speaks of her hard work ethic and diligence within the home. She was not a couch potato Mama that watched the junk tube (TV) all day. She rose and worked willingly with her hands! <3

Now ladies, what is your passion? Do you want to bless your husband and children and HELP towards the financial success of your home? This is SOOO doable and I would coach and help you every step of the way. Honestly, this is one of the MOST BRILLIANT ways to earn money!

This is NOT a scam – or “truthful to a fault” Jill (me) would tell you! LOL. This is the REAL deal! A business endeavor that could change your lives!

PLEASE, ladies, wait NO longer! I KNOW trying new things can be scary! I remember being in your SAME shoes a year ago. But now……well, it is one of the BEST decisions I have ever made! Let us link arms together and be that Proverbs 31 woman TOGETHER! <3

***Please message me today on how to get started. It is SO easy! Lots Of Love, Jill



Below are some more pictures of just a couple of the MANY churches that we have visited along with many more fun pictures.  Enjoy!

It is a JOY serving Jesus.  Do we ever have bad days?  OH YES!  There are times I FALL to my knees at night and cry out to God for strength and help for tomorrow to be a better day.  Sometimes the spiritual warfare against our family feels SO thick you could practically SLICE through it.  Praise God that we CAN be the VICTORS through the Sword of the Spirit!

Many times David and I look at each other and just pour our hearts out to each other with tears streaming from our faces.  We CHOOSE contentment!  We CHOOSE joy!  We CHOOSE peace!  We CHOOSE to put all the GOOD before our followers.  However, behind closed doors, we fall to our knees BEGGING God to help us be successful at this thing called LIFE.  We recognize that the ONLY thing that will matter when we fall before the Lord someday in Heaven, is our sincere service to Him and His work!  Please do not cease to pray for us.  Our hate followers are many.  However, we take that as a compliment.  They are people that HATE God’s Word the Bible and despise those that follow it.  We are encouraged though when we remember that we are blessed when men shall revile us for HIS (Jesus’) name sake.

Sometimes I want to crawl back into a hole, NEVER to put my life or family in the spotlight of scrutiny anymore!  However, to do so, would make Satan have a HAYDAY!  He hates families that are doing a work for Christ with a PASSION!  He does NOT want families being a light for Jesus!!

We encourage EACH of you to rise up with a passion to raise up a GENERATION for Christ!  STAY YOUR COURSE!  Set your face like a FLINT!  Determine in your heart to do right – like the prophet Daniel.  And like our dear friend Paul Miller puts it – SOLDIER ON!!!! (for our redemption draweth NIGH!!!)

All Praise to Jesus,  The Rodrigues Family 20729543_1923023134602697_3204638370535299945_n-120708225_1922245924680418_4610173864772022711_n20664621_1922245938013750_6007051057285070381_n20664691_1920841838154160_6640153258215071676_n20664010_1922246021347075_4662701326462174376_n20597468_1920078201563857_5679425625894666196_n20621092_1920842101487467_6552244722041717524_n20708375_1923023171269360_4023827414303908243_nLSP_2640aLSP_2709LSP_2724-2

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More Information on Ladies Retreat! Only 2 weeks before registration closes! (Also a quick peek at how the Rodrigues Family is doing)!

Are YOU considering coming to the PEACE Ladies Retreat on October 20 – 21, 2017 here in Roanoke, WV?!!  We’d LOVE to have you!  Read ALL the info. you need to know below by clicking on the links!

**Quick PEEK into the Rodrigues Family’s Lives!!

  1. We have been SUPER busy in our printing ministry and extensive traveling as we continue to sing as a family and present our printing ministry.  David continues to get more and more orders in our print shop!  Hey, what can I say….when a man puts out SUCH amazing quality stuff (like my husband does) his ministry is BOUND to grow in LEAPS and BOUNDS!  God is good!
  2. Nurie graduated from highschool / homeschool this past June.  I cried and it was HONESTLY one of the HAPPIEST days of our lives.  It was SUCH a joy seeing her walking the isle in cap and gown with over 200 other homeschool students!  We love You, honey!

    Our beautiful (inside and out) Nurie

    Our beautiful (inside and out) Nurie









3. We are currently on a one month tour – going to Kentucky, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, North Dakota, and Arkansas.  We LOVE all the new friends we make in our meetings and it is TRULY a joy serving Jesus!  However, we always look forward to home – there is NO place like home…

God bless you one and all!

Much Care and Staying Our Course For Jesus, The Rodrigues Family

*****Make SURE to check out the Ladies Retreat UPDATED info below!***  Registration ends August 17th… you don’t have much time!  Call to register at – (304) 303-8056

Click on the links below to see DETAILED retreat pricing and PICTURES of the speakers!!!

  1. Retreat Pricing
  2. Retreat Pictures of speakers

    Details on the Retreat!

    Details on the Retreat!

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Jill, Amy Foster, and Angie (all sisters) speaking at Ladies Retreat in October! Register to come NOW!!

***Registration NOW OPEN!  Call TODAY to book YOUR spot!  

       Registration ENDS August 17th!!    (304) 303-8056

Dear Family and Friends,

We are happy to announce that Jill Rodrigues (ministry wife and mother to 12), Amy Foster (quadriplegic and wife and mother to 6) and Angie Hillegass (wife and mother to 7) will be speaking at a ladies’ retreat (coordinated by Jill Rodrigues) on October 20th – 21st of this year!  17553997_1860590417512636_309620924474972549_n18010708_1871975983040746_1810632736012292834_n








(Amy and Angie are IDENTICAL Twins!!)

It will be held at the Stonewall Jackson Resort in Roanoke, West Virginia.

The exact schedule of events will be announced later on as the time draws closer.  However, the title and THEME of the retreat will be – PEACE.  Image result for pictures of peace

***Registration for this event is NOW OPEN and will end on August 17, 2017.  Please call today to make your reservation and make SURE to get a room!  Number to call- (304) 303-8056.

The price list is below in a PDF form.  One, all the way up to four ladies, can stay in a room.  The more that share a room, the lower the cost is for the event.  ***Please see prices below.  These prices do NOT include tax. 


  • $266 – Single
  • $183 – Double
  • $155.67 – Triple
  • $141.50 – Quad

The retreat is held at Stonewall Jackson Resort – a five start resort which features walking trails, indoor/outdoor pools,  golf course, boat cruise ride (free with one night stay at resort), game rooms, water activities, 2 restaurants on the premises, gift shop, etc. etc.

The Cost of the retreat itself will include the following package deal:

  1. The resort amenities listed above
  2. Dinner buffet Friday night
  3. Brunch buffet Saturday morning
  4. Great, inspirational speaking both Friday and Saturday
  5. Fun games, music, give-aways, and skits
  6. GRAND PRIZE will go to the lady that brings the MOST ladies with her
  7. Nursery care for NURSING BABIES only

Please mark your calendar today for this GREAT event!  Make SURE to get your registration IN by August 17th to guarantee to get a spot!!

Come be REFRESHED by women that embrace the role that God has chosen for their lives.  Find out how we have found PEACE midst some of the TRIALS life hurls our way.  There CAN be peace, even midst the turmoil of life.  A PEACE that passes ALL understanding!  Come to PEACE Ladies’ Retreat this October for a (Lord willing) life changing experience.


Details on the Retreat!

Details on the Retreat!

Hoping to See You There,  Jill Rodrigues, Amy Foster, and Angie Hillegass




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