Hello, we are the Rodrigues Family! We are thrilled that you have looked us up on our website today. We would like to share with you about our family and what our ministry is here in West Virginia.

David and Jill were married on October 4, 1997 and they have faithfully served the Lord together since then. God has blessed them with 12 beautiful children who love to serve God along side their parents.

The Rodrigues Family has several ways in which they serve the Lord. They live in West Virginia and are starting a full color, high quality printing ministry. This ministry will help churches and missionaries with Gospel material.

The Rodrigues Family is currently traveling on deputation to raise support for their family and ministry, and is open for meetings to present their work.

The Rodrigues Family is also very musical. They not only travel to present their printing ministry work, but they also travel to provide godly, Christian music. Their eleven children sing with their parents and they all play instruments. Camp meetings, revival services, missions conferences, etc. are all opportunities the Rodrigues Family would love to come and provide music for your church!

Jill has always had a burden and gift to encourage others. She loves to encourage her fellow sisters in Christ to live a victorious Christian life. She is open to speak at ladies meetings.

So, as the Rodrigues Family strives to serve Christ and lift up HIS NAME alone, they would encourage you to invite them to your church and to be sure and browse the pages on this site to learn more about their family.

God bless you as you serve Him and thank you again for joining us today on the Rodrigues Family Ministries Website!!!

Below is a video explaining in detail what the Rodrigues Ministry entails.  Enjoy!


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